​"This site brings you the best of my wildlife photography.
First and foremost a naturalist, wildlife has always been my focus both personally and professionally".​ ​​
  1. Soft Tundra
    Soft Tundra
    Arctic Fox, Iceland.
  2. Affirmation
    Brown Noddy on Bird Island, Seychelles.
  3. Furious Fur
    Furious Fur
    Arctic Fox, Iceland.
  4. Steps into the light
    Steps into the light
    Giraffe on the Masai Mare, Kenya.
  5. Otter Cubs Entwined
    Otter Cubs Entwined
    The Isle of Mull
  6. Fish Eye Otter
    Fish Eye Otter
    Isle of Mull.
  7. Badger Brothers
    Badger Brothers
    The last rays at a Staffordshire sett.
  8. Puffin Profile
    Puffin Profile
    Farne Islands, Northumberland.
  9. Lines Reflected
    Lines Reflected
    Tigress known as spotty, Bandhavgarh National Park.
  10. Mothers Lead
    Mothers Lead
    Lioness and cubs on the Masai Mara, Kenya.
  11. Junk Yard Badger
    Junk Yard Badger
    Urban badger, Staffordshire.
  12. Deep White Fur
    Deep White Fur
    Arctic Fox, Iceland.
  13. Heather and Midges
    Heather and Midges
    Pine Marten, West Coast of Scotland.
  14. Bill Clatter
    Bill Clatter
    Puffins on the Island of Lunga, Treshnish Isles
  15. Cheetah Stretch
    Cheetah Stretch
    Masai Mara Kenya.
  16. Paws and Profile
    Paws and Profile
    Male Tiger, Kanha National Park.
  17. Watch My Back
    Watch My Back
    Langur atop a termite mound, Kanha National Park.
  18. Leopards Eyes
    Leopards Eyes
    Leopard reflected at Nagzira Nature Reserve, India.
  19. Dappled Wood
    Dappled Wood
    Badger emerges at Northumberland sett.
  20. Born Into
    Born Into
    Elephant Calf and Mother, India.
  21. Choti Mada
    Choti Mada
    Tigress, Kanha National Park.
  22. Little Grebe and Chick
    Little Grebe and Chick
    Knapdale, Scotland
  23. Dark Profile
    Dark Profile
    Puffin, Inner Farne.
  24. Mid Day Heat
    Mid Day Heat
    Shag panting on Staple Island, Northumberland.
  25. Red Velvet
    Red Velvet
    Red Deer stag backlit in velvet.
  26. King of the Mountain
    King of the Mountain
    Welsh Mountain goat, Snowdonia National Park.
  27. City Scape Stag
    City Scape Stag
    Bradgate Park Leicester